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Property Management

We typically charge 10% of the rent collected and a leasing fee of 50% of the first months rent at the start of the lease. We do have a minimum of $75 monthly fee per property if properties rented are under $750 per month in rent.

For the fees we charge, GCPM will handle coordinating with vendors to get the properties ready to rent, handle all the advertising for the property and all the screening of the applicants. Once an applicant is approved, we would execute the lease with the tenant, collect the first months rent and security deposit, and the rent each month and all lease renewals, as well as monthly statements and year end statements for your taxes.  We will also coordinate with vendors and tenant on any repair issues, and perform periodic routine inspections.

Typically, normal management fees do not cover coordinating with contractors and/or insurance companies on storm related damages, performing any needed inspections outside the normal routine inspections, taking pictures for insurance companies, inspecting work done by contractors hired by the owner or supervising any major remodeling or renovations done by contractors either hired by GCPM or by the owner.  These services would be an additional charge.

Property management contracts are for one year, but they automatically renew each year unless an owner gives GCPM notice in writing to terminate the agreement 60 days prior to the lease expiring.

Yes, however, if it’s been less than a year on the original contract or if there is a tenant in the property that GCPM placed in the property, and their lease hasn’t expired, additional fees would be required to terminate.

Absolutely!  Florida Law allows for any owner or an owner’s representative to have access to view the interior of the property as long as reasonable notice has been given to the tenant. Which is usually 24 hours or more notice.

Rent is due on the first of each month.

Once the tenants pay the rent, we disburse funds to owners on the 9th of each month via direct deposit. It’s an ACH transfer, so it takes three business days to reach an owner’s bank account. 

Funds are not disbursed to an owner until the tenant pays the rent and clears our bank account, so it could delay an owner getting a disbursement.  If a tenant doesn’t pay at all, we serve them a 3-day notice to pay, or face an eviction being filed on them.

If the tenant doesn’t pay after a 3-day notice to pay is served, we can with your authorization, have our attorney file the eviction.  The tenant will be served a summons from the court to either vacate the property or pay the funds to the court registry if they feel they should not be evicted.  If the tenant does not vacate or if they cannot show reason to the courts on why they should not be evicted, then the Sheriff be directed by the courts to remove the tenant and all occupants from the property.

If you have signed up for our legal service fee, there is no fee for the attorney, however court cost is currently $393 which would be paid by an owner.

Once a tenant vacates, our property manager will perform an inspection to check the condition of the property. If the property is left with no damages or rent owed, the deposit will be fully refunded to the tenant.  If damages are found or past rent is owed, then we will notify the tenant on how much is deducted from their deposit., and if any balance is left, send them the remaining refund.

Absolutely! GCPM is fully licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage and can sale real property in the state of Florida.


We manage residential homes, townhomes, duplexes, and full apartment complexes.

We do year-long leases.

We always prefer that you view a property before signing a lease. If you are not in the area, we suggest using a realtor, or a friend, to view the property for you.

We require that you make AT LEAST 3x the monthly rent in verifiable. If you are legally married, you can combine your incomes. If not, you and the other applicants will have to qualify separately. 

You must have a credit score of a 600 or better.

You cannot have any prior evictions.

You are required to have the security deposit, any pet deposits, and the first FULL month’s rent. All funds must be certified; either a money order, or cashier’s check. 

Once you are approved for one of our properties, you will coordinate with the leasing manager to sign the lease and pay the deposit. From there, you will have up to1 week to take possession of the property and pay the first FULL month’s rent upon moving in. 

If you sign the lease and move in on the same day, you will be required to pay the security deposit and first month’s rent at that time.

Rent is always due on the 1st of each month, but you have until the 5th. Any payments made after the 5th will be considered late, and may incur a late fee.

Every property will be different. Please contact our office regarding a certain properties pet policy.


You will contact the maintenance manager, LeeAnn. You can reach her at 850-465-0083 or You can also fill out a request online under “Maintenance Request.”

Emergencies: Things that cannot wait until the next business day:  Busted pipe, any electrical issues relating to power, Heater not working, a clogged toilet (if it is the ONLY toilet in the property)

Not Emergencies: Clogged toilet (when there are other working toilets in the property), light switch or bulb not working, tub/sink draining slowly, AC not cooling properly.

Heating/AC- Economy Heating and Air 850-944-9702

Plumbing- Anytime plumbers 850-438-0001

*if you ever smell gas, you need to contact the gas company immediately at 850-435-1800.

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Get a Free Evaluation
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Get a Free Evaluation of Your Property

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